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Privacy Policy

Ensuring your privacy is important to us. That is why we do not sell your personal information to any third parties without your consent.

Examples of how we may share information with service providers:

Fulfilling orders and providing the services

Payment processing and fraud prevention

Providing customer support

Sending marketing communications

Conducting research and analysis

Providing cloud computing infrastructure

Terms And Conditions

While hanging In your windows, blind are exposed to harmful effects from the sun, heat, humid, and airborne pollutants. As with draperies and curtains, fabric blinds and the fabric in woven wood blinds may fade, or the fabric strength may deteriorate. like paint on the exterior of homes, the finish on metal and plastic blinds may fade, become splotchy, or be ready to peel. These conditions are not typically detectable prior to cleaning. for example, fading may be covered with soil, or paint that is ready to blister, may not do so until it has come in contact with water and detergent. while these conditions occur in only a small percentage of blinds, our responsibility for your blinds must be subject to the exceptions listed below

Sun Fading or paint discoloration

peeling or blistering of paint finish

holes or tears due to deterioration of fabric from exposure

ropes and ladders that have sun rot

bent vanes

cell separation

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